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With over 30 years of experience as a professional musician, Dave Alexander continues to hone his talent. Constantly looking to evolve musically and technically he builds on strengths that seem so natural, it's as if music is "just what he does."

Dave has an incredibly flexible and soulful voice which he uses so well to shape the emotional curves in all the songs he sings. He compliments this with polished guitar playing that pays homage to the likes of greats such as Gary Moore, Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton.

Prior to his solo career Dave played with various bands. He played lead guitar, bass guitar and keyboards in various outfits. His instrumental ability enabled him to produce his own custom backing tracks for his solo show as well as for others. In the early days good backing tracks for guitarists were hard to obtain which meant Dave had to work hard to build his show himself.


Dave Alexander has always been driven musically. His love of all music has meant he is genuinely versatile and if he performs it - it's gonna be good!  He's worked solo mainly for the last twenty years with odd excursions into bands during this period. He doesn't cover everything as a solo artist. He's very intelligent and knows how to ring only a few changes here and there, changing the flow and feel of his show to make it enjoyable for many audiences. What he does play, he plays so well that the audience is sold. 


Dave is constantly increasing his repertoire which includes sequenced backing and compact but effective computerised lighting which he programs himself. In addition to this he has a full show of acoustic material for venues that prefer this, and sometimes performs mix of electric and acoustic.


Most recently Dave has started work on a show dedicated to the music of Chris Rea. Initially it will be a self contained solo show but it's hoped it will be expanded to a full band production.


There's plenty to look forward to from Dave Alexander in the future! 




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